This acoustic guitar is one of Jasmine’s most pronounced statement as it portrays the company’s vision to put quality in the hands of every music enthusiast. The S35 instrument is very enjoyable and the design comes sleek, it responds with authenticity and delivers on good expectations.

The many league of very affordable acoustic guitars struggle to keep at pace with the Jasmine S35; it is smooth and attractive, and beginners will love their vision even more if the S35 becomes the choice they go with.

Let us take a closer inspection on this equipment, and try to figure out why this instrument is worth the money and time;


The S35 acoustic guitar is built with a solid Sitka Spruce wood for its top, and laminated Nato wood for the back and sides. It has a Rosewood fingerboard and bridge, and the tuners are made of chrome materials.

The material of the fretboard is Rosewood with a neck material of Nato Mahogany. The nuts and saddle are made with synthetic bone, and the finishing is made with Satin materials.


This instrument is designed in Japan with an advanced X bracing structure. It has a slim neck design, the body style of the Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar is a dreadnought, and the bracing helps the guitar to be lightweight.

The design is sleek on the overall and the appearance is smart, so you can have your pride while you play. The soundhole is surrounded by beautiful rosettes and the finishing is natural with glossy appearance.

Sound Projection

The sound projections from the S35 is well-balanced and precise; it is elegant and bright with the tones which the vibration produces. This model of Jasmine is capable of very warm tones and smooth; but most times, the instrument is tough to keep in tune.

Sound output from this instrument is more open because of the X bracing which improves the details in each note. The rich and bold tones when heard, makes the listeners think that the acoustic guitar belongs to a class of very expensive collections.

Use experience

This beautiful acoustic guitar is a top runner on the chart of capable guitars for newbies. The quality is outstanding and the design makes it feels convenient during play, not to mention that you could actually play various or any playing style of your choice.

Finger-picking, strumming or pounding usually sounds great on the Jasmine S35 depending on the techniques of the handler. The design is comfortable while either sitting to play, or standing; it is a perfect sound commander in the hands of a professional, and it remains a guide friend in the hands of a beginner. It may require proper tuners when it is first brought out straight from the box, and this would require the attention of an expert.

This Jasmine model should be top on your mind as you plan on purchasing your next guitar on a budget. Talking about budgets, this costs way less than $200; so, add that to the fact that it produces consistent sounds, it is comfortable and easy to travel with. These reasons should beef up your consideration for the Jasmine S35.