Online guitar lesson programs give you the opportunity to play the guitar without stepping out of your House. The program you choose will determine the value you get for your money. Below is a review of the top three guitar lesson programs (compared fully here: ) that will help you make an informed decision.

Best Guitar Lessons Online

  1. Jamplay

Jamplay is an online platform that offers guitar lessons at an affordable price. It offers a guitar community that enables you to learn from fellow guitarists using the site. Jamplay allows you to unlock your fretboard and master your technique elegantly. The site offers a well-structured system that ensures you have a personalized user experience.

Format and Guitar Lessons

The lesson pages display all you need for your learning session. There is also a video player that illustrates each discussion point so that you have an easy time following instructions. As a self-taught guitarist, you need a resourceful site that ensures you don’t pick up poor playing habits.

The high-definition video enables you to notice even the tiniest details, and the loop feature allows you to go over portions of the video for better understanding


  • A comprehensive guitar program with a unique format to ensure you have a personalized learning experience.
  • Live instructions by professional instructors to ensure you have one-on-one interactions with your instructor.
  • A large database of songs and in-depth lessons that ensure you have a wholesome learning experience.
  • The is suited for both beginners and advanced guitar players.


  • There are no sing-along songs
  • The site does not offer CD and DVD versions of their lessons
  1. Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks is an online site that allows self-taught guitar players to have access to useful material. Guitar lessons offered by Guitar Tricks are geared towards ensuring you have a wholesome learning experience. Instructors who work with you are professionals who have years of experience playing the guitar. Guitar Tricks also offers a platform where you can interact with fellow guitar players.

Format and Guitar Lessons

Guitar Tricks is a beginner friendly site that also offers value to advanced guitar players. The songs and lessons allow professional guitarists to polish their skills and correct bad playing habits with the 14-day trial period in which you to browse through the site before you commit. Beginner lessons begin with an introductory guitar lesson that helps you familiarize with basic guitar concepts. There is a wide range of instructors that use different teaching approaches, and you can choose which instructor to work with. Advanced lessons are suitable for advanced beginner learners and those who are only interested in polishing their skills.


  • The forums allow you to be part of a community and learn from like-minded individuals.
  • This site offers a fast and effective way of learning how to play the guitar.
  • You won’t be restricted to one instructor.
  • The site is dedicated to teaching you everything you need to know about playing the guitar.


  • Does not offer webcam instructions
  • Lessons are not available in DVD or CD options
  1. Jamorama

Jamorama is a beginner friendly site that ensures you have an easy time learning the basics of playing the guitar. It is however not big on socializing and all you learn s what is outlined in the guitar lessons. This is a straightforward site that gives you an easy time in navigation. The sidebar has a progress bar that shows hoy how far you have come and how much further you can go. Even though beginners have an amazing time learning how to play the guitar, professional players won’t learn much by signing up to this site.

Format and Guitar Lessons

Jamorama has a section for beginners and another one for advanced players. The advanced lessons are however tailored for advanced beginner guitarists. If you are a professional with experience playing the guitar, Jamorama is unlikely to help you polish your skills. The looping feature and the speed controls on the videos allow you to repeatedly play portions of videos at a pace that allows you to grasp the concept being illustrated.


  • It is a beginner friendly site
  • It offers free trials and discount prices
  • The format ensures you have an easy time finding what you want


  • It is not suited for a professional guitar player
  • There are no bass lessons offered
  • It does not have a mobile for those who’d like to learn on the move

Part 2 — Selection Tips

  • Value for Your Money

When choosing an online learning site as a self-taught guitarist, you need to go for one that gives you value for your money. It would help if you considered signing up to a site that offers comprehensive lessons guaranteed to teach you the theory about guitar music as well as how it should be played.

  • Free-trial

Even though it does not seem like a big deal, free-trials are important because they help you asses a site before you can sign up. You can look through the guitar lessons to determine if they cover what you want to know. Guitar lessons that anticipate a user’s challenges ensure they learn a new with every session.

  • The Quality of Videos

Since this is not a one-on-one guitar lesson, the quality of videos needs to be top notch so that you see everything clearly. A site that invests in making their videos high-grade is worth your money because you are unlikely to pick up bad playing habits.

  • The User Interface

Ideally, online guitar learning sites are websites, and the user interface impacts your experience. An impressive user interface ensures you can navigate easily and know where to find what you want. The presentation of a website speaks a lot about how much value you’ll get when you sign up.


From the reviews, it is clear that Jamplay is your best bet when it comes to choosing an online guitar lessons program. The instructors are professionals with unmatched experienced, and you get to interact with them one on one. Guitar Tricks is a serious contender as it also offers value to beginners and advanced players alike. The 14-day free trial does not hold back anything so what you see is what you get. When it comes to Jamorama, it is clear that this is an online guitar lessons program tailored around beginners. Even though the site is not big on socializing, you will learn a lot as a first-time guitar player.

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