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Seagull S6 Guitar Review

The S6 acoustic guitar is a top design made by the Canadian guitar manufacturer, Seagull made this model to be an acoustic guitar for beginners. It is one of the products that has received plenty awards in the industry, and its an outstanding guitar from all of North America.

The appearance at first sight of the Seagull S6 is not all enticing, but the first feel of its quality and sound projections is what makes it win the recommendations which it gets. It is a great budget range equipment which beginners can afford, and happily grow their techniques on while the enjoy best quality.

Seagull S6 Guitar

You can go ahead to understand the S6 as you flow with this article;


The top of tge Seagull S6 is made from solid Cedar, and the sides and back are made with Canadian wild cherry. The top material is pressure tested to provide improved tones, and it has double-action truss structure which doubles as an alignment for the neck and relief.

The saddle is manufactured with compensated Tusq, while the nut is made of the same material but not compensated to accommodate better tuning. The fingerboard is made from Rosewood, and the bridge alike. Its finishing is done with semi-gloss lacquer, and it appears beautiful.


This guitar is a dreadnought body style with a thin neck and a tapered headstock part. These innovative designs make the equipment capable of excellent projections; through precise tunings and straight pulls on the strings. The build of this instrument is both unique and traditionally classic.

The thin neck of this guitar joins the body at the 14th fret out of its total 21 frets; the scale length amounts to 28.84 inches. The creative craftsmanship employed allows it to show off a finishing of light matte material.

Sound Projection

S6 is an endowed acoustic guitar that produces rich and vibrant sounds; it projects very loud and precise notes that are bright and clean. There are only very few other acoustic guitars that come at a similar price as the Seagull S6 with outstanding sounds.

The strum tones on the S6 are maintained for quite longer than the various other kinds of acoustic guitars in its league. The body design promotes the extra resonance and excellent music that comes from this instrument.

User experience

The experience on the Seagull S6 for beginners is one that could guarantee that they would learn quickly. This guitar allows for convenience while strumming and many other playing styles like finger picking.

The professionals who have had a feel of the S6 guitar confirm its response to be eloquent. The structure of the instrument is comfortable to play whether the user is sitting or standing.

The Seagull S6 is so far the most popular model produced by the Canadian guitar manufacturing company. It speaks of good standards and precise design, and how the company focuses on small details. So, if you plan to go on stage with a quality but budget priced acoustic guitar; or whether you want to enrol for a guitar training soon, the Seagull S6 definitely has to be one of your serious considerations.